Stayblock - Steel Stay & Strainer Post



It's certainly easy to use. It's tremendous really. STAYblock’s are easy to adjust. It is great when you are working on your own, and great for doing repairs.quotes-right

Geoff Forman – Benalla


Drill hole 13mm (1/2”) approximately 900mm (3 foot) from ground Insert a STAYpoint
Recommended steel stays
- 2 inch extra light wall x 3m
- 1½ inch medium wall x 3m
Position STAYpoint in drilled hole.
(Or use another method to join strainer and stay)
Position stay in centre “U” of STAYBLOCK™.
Loop wire around strainer and STAYBLOCK™ (Allow one turn for every two fence wires – maximum 3 turns)
Locate tension wire (at the base of the neck area)

Tension at centre with wire strainers while checking and adjusting wires.
Tie off as preferred.


FEATURES & BENEFITS - STAYblock                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


• Patented innovative design - compatible with timber or steel stays and strainer posts

• Material - 40 mpa concrete

• Adjustable - suitable for upgrading old fences and gateways

• A flatter stay angle (bottom end of stay is above the ground) reduces jacking.

• Fire Resistant

• Suitable for steep or flat terrain               70% LESS PRESSURE

• Great for rocky locations

• No digging needed                                               ON THE GROUND

• Weighs 16 kg

• Quick and easy

• Optional single cable system for horses