I'm wrapt in them. STAYblock has just revolutionised fencing, I reckon. They are easy to use, specially in unforgiving ground  where it's hard or rocky like we have around here.  You don't have to dig a hole. They take minutes to install and - for me - that is the best part of it. 

Simon Lawler - Omeo


Mortice / attach 3 m stay to strainer post approximately 900mm (3 foot) from ground. 

OR : If using pre-pointed pine posts trim point to 50mm (2”) diameter. Drill a 63 mm (2 1/2” hole) in strainer post with spade bit, then position stay.


OR: Try Vicebite Brackets >



Position stay in centre “V” of STAYBLOCK™.
Loop wire around strainer and STAYBLOCK™ (Allow one turn for every two fence wires – maximum 3 turns 
Optional : Use staple to hold wire in place, about 100mm (4”) above ground Locate tension wire as pictured (at the base of the neck area) Tension at centre with wire strainers while checking and adjusting wires.
Tie off as prefered.


FEATURES & BENEFITS - STAYblock                                                                                                 70% LESS PRESSURE
                                                                                                                                     ON THE GROUND


• Patented innovative design - compatible with timber or steel stays and strainer posts

• Material - 40 mpa concrete

• Adjustable - suitable for upgrading old fences and gateways

• A flatter stay angle (bottom end of stay is above the ground) reduces jacking.

• Fire Resistant

• Suitable for steep or flat terrain

• Great for rocky locations

• No digging needed                                                                                                                                

• Weighs 16 kg

• Quick and easy

• Optional single cable system for horses