What the contractors say about STAYblock.

viewfensI'm wrapt in them. STAYblock has just revolutionised fencing, I reckon. They are easy to use, specially in unforgiving ground  where it's hard or rocky like we have around here.  You don't have to dig a hole. They take minutes to install and - for me - that is the best part of it. 

Simon Lawler - Omeo


It's certainly easy to use. It's tremendous really. STAYblock’s are  easy to adjust. It is great when you are working on your own, and great for doing repairs.quotes-right

Geoff Forman – Benalla




 What our customers say about Fence-line Solutions Wire Strainers

 Recently I purchased a set of wire strainers from you. They have made fencing a pleasure, and it is so good to purchase something that lives up to all expectations. Congratulations on a great product - and the gauge is a great addition as well. Thank Youquotes-right

David Hough – "Frisby" Cudal


I am very happy with the (wire) strainers - they are brilliant on barb wire.
                                             Robert Snell – "Coreen"   Armidale NSW   quotes-right


  Because of the springs the jaws never fall off the wire.  They’ve got the best grip
 of any wire strainers, and with the hardened steel in the jaws they last.

                                                     Ian Kneale – "Glen Mona" Tomingley  NSW  quotes-right



 These strainers are great, pretty much bomb proof! All other strainers I have used over the years have been poor by comparison

              Neil Wilson, Boundaries, Scotland   quotes-right





Getting the wire tension right is easy with the built-in gauge, if I’ve got a new bloke working with me I can tell him exactly where to strain up to on the gauge.
                                                                                                                          Peter Ryan – Contractor : North East Victoria  quotes-right